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Our services include
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iOS Development
iPhone and iPad apps which reach top
We know AppStore, AppStore knows us
Our experts use modern iOS programming language Swift. This will guarantee consistent work of your app across all iOS devices.
Android Development
Material animation tricks are already learnt
Powered by Kotlin
Apps on Android will grant you access to the wide audience of users. Our development team use Java and Kotlin programming languages to create apps.
Front-End and Back-End
Server-side coding that most apps need.
Covered with tests, prepared to scale
Server side functionality empowers your app and makes it alive. Our specialists will create all the server magic that stands behind your new project.
The trends we love to follow and anticipate
Only inventor knows how to borrow
We pick up your idea, create design, work all details. You receive vivid, moving and immersive prototype which will allow you to feel your future app.
UX and TechSpecs
UX (User Experience) planning and Project Specifications
We don't just make pretty designs, but we also work through use-cases for apps to function intuitively and naturally on any device.
QA Testing
Complex applications quality assurance
No bug will pass!
Our quality assurance team will ensure that your app is ready to meet the big world and it is free from bugs on attentively analized real world use-cases.

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